Tajmehel in day and in night

Night view of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a pride of India and a big reason for tourism in India. The night view of this icon of love is very captivating. The white marble monument bears poignant beauty in Sunset and draped in an exotic shade of orange.

Taj Mahal at night

People can enjoy the sight of this awe-some symbol of love Taj Mahal bathed in soft silver light of the moon too for five nights every month. An order from the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India allowed visit to Taj at Night for five nights including two days before and two days after the full Moon night except Fridays and month of Ramzan from 28th November, 2004.

The tickets can be bought in advance from the ticket counter at western gate. The Taj Mahal is opened for night viewing from 8-30 P.M. to 12-30 A.M. The marvel of purity of Taj in the darkness of night is awesome!!!Visitors have to report at Shilpagram complex half an hour prior to the viewing time. After the security check visitors are allowed from the Eastern Gate of the Taj Mahal. Total 50 people in eight batches are allowed to witness the ultimate wonder for half hour duration.


The visitors have to keep their baggage at the counter free of cost.
Video camera is prohibited inside the monument during the night viewing.

Beauty of Taj Mahal during day

Taj Mahal, an unblemished beauty is one among the Seven Wonders of the World. The Archaeological Survey of India has placed it on the list of World Heritage site. Words seem superflous when it comes to describe its beauty. The classic example of Mughal architecture facinated the great poet Guru RabindraNath Tagore also. He described Taj Mahal as a "tear on the face of eternity."

Taj Mahal at day

Every day groups of tourists crawl in to witness the glory of this immense and captivating monument in day. The morning serenity at the Taj is alluring. The beauty of TajMahal basks with a new glory in mists and soft red radiance. One can see the different shades of Taj as the sun casts reflection on the vast marble surfaces. Sometimes it is soft grey…sometimes yellow to pearly cream whereas sometimes it is dazzling white.

The radiant beauty of Taj Mahal during day is amazing. The unforgettable view in the dawn and with the progressing day presents an incomparable sight. Visitors remain spellbound of Taj’s magical splendor. They love to spend time in the charming environment by sitting and appreciating its beauty, reading, dozing or picnicking in surrounding well maintained gardens.

One has to arrange guide by himself or by hotel as no official escorts are available at the site. Hawkers and salesmen are not allowed in the premises.